Each business needs to have employees to function and grow. Crowne Tax & Accounting helps businesses to develop by ensuring that paying your employees is easy, simple, and accurate.

We start by reviewing your current situation.  We look at employee classification (contract employee vs payroll employee), employee benefits (401K, Dental, Medical, Life Insurance etc.), stock options, number of employees.  Once we have identified the current status of your company then we can present a plan moving forward that will be tailored specifically to your business.

Once we have your unique situation designed we will setup each employee in our system and provide the following services:

  • Identify each employee and their detail
  • Tracking Hours & Salaried Employees
  • HR Training through online portals to enter current payroll information
  • Payroll payments throughout the year to employees
    • Including Direct Deposit options
  • Taking care of payments to Federal, State, and County Tax requirements

We then will accurately take care of the payment and reporting of all tax to all government agencies.  Federal, State, County, and Unemployment Insurances.  This needs to be completed on monthly or quarterly bases.  These “trust fund” monies need to be accurately filed and paid on a timely basis.  Our guarantee is that we will meet all of the requirements in a timely manner or we will pay any of the penalties and interest.

Letting Crowne Tax & Accounting take care of your payroll needs gives you confidence in ensuring that your employees are paid properly, that government entities are paid in a timely manner and that you are meeting all payroll laws.  This will help your company develop and grow by using employees as a resource in any business.