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All-in-one Tax preparation for personal or business. From Tax Preparation to Business Bookkeeping we service it all at Crowne Tax & Accounting. 

Payroll Service

Our payroll service is accurate, hassle-free, and timely. We handle all of your payroll needs, including taxes, deductions, paychecks, and compliance, using advanced technology for accuracy. Our team of experts offers personalized support and is always available to answer your questions. Let us handle your payroll so you can focus on growing your business.

R&D Tax Credit 2023

Tax Preparation

We make tax filing easy! Our experienced tax professionals will work with you to maximize your refund or minimize your taxes. We offer in-person consultations and online filing options, ensuring accurate and efficient preparation. Relax knowing your taxes are in good hands.

Business Accounting

We offer tailored accounting services including financial statement prep, bookkeeping, payroll, tax planning, and compliance. Our modern technology and commitment to meeting our clients’ unique financial needs, streamline processes, reduce costs, and help businesses focus on growth.

R&D Tax Credit

We maximize R&D tax credits by identifying eligible activities/expenses, reducing tax liability and increasing cash flow. Our services include scoping to final claim preparation for start-ups and established businesses.

R&D Tax Credit - Crowne Tax


Our bookkeeping service takes care of your financial transactions, reconciliations, and payroll. Our experienced team uses software to generate reports, allowing informed decisions. We customize based on needs, including inventory, budget, and cash flow. Let us manage finances and you focus on growing your business.

Bookkeeping Service - Crowne tax & Accounting


To Claim the R&D Tax credit all you have to do is book a time to talk to one of our representatives. Once talking with them they can go through the qualifying questions and see what you may qualify for. 

Filing your taxes can be stressful! Everyone has different amounts of taxes they need done so the time it takes to file them can vary from person to person. Book a call now and we will map out the quickest amount of time to help you get your taxes filed. 

Typically returns happen within 1-2 months but sometimes can be quicker or longer depending on the complexities of the taxes. Book a call to learn more. 

Filing is easy! Our professional Tax Accountants have been doing it for years and we can help you prepare all of the documents you need in order to file.  All we need are the proper documents in order to help you take the first step!

The R&D Tax Credit is a Credit amount that you can claim from the IRS for various types of expenses that you have had on your business throughout the year such as payroll, research and development and other expenses.

Everyone has different complexities that are unique. We will cater the pricing to your needs and be as fair as possible. We will make sure it makes sense for both of us.

Don’t worry, we deal with this all of the time! We will help you file an extension and keep you up-to-date with any information that the IRS may need specific to your taxes for filing late. This can vary from state to state. 

The simple answer is, “Yes”! We can help you file an extension and get your the tax help that you need in order to make sure you are meeting the tax deadline. 

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Crowne Tax & Accounting has a combined 40 years of Tax, Accounting, Payroll, Business Entity, and Investment Banking Experience. We have helped over 15,000 clients to reduce their tax liability, and save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. See if we can help you with your Tax needs Today!

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