Tax Resolution

Do you owe the IRS more than $5,000 in taxes?

Are you unsure how you will be able to pay the IRS?

Then Crowne Tax and Accounting is the best service for you! That’s because Crowne is committed to helping you grow and maintain a healthy financial future. With 30 years experience battling the IRS we will be able to review your case to determine the best possible solution. Crowne is committed to helping you keep your hard earned money.

Our Services Include But Are Not Limited To…

Offers in Compromise (OIC) : If you are not in financial hardship, you may qualify for an Offer In Compromise. If added tax debt payments to your current expenses put you in financial hardship, the IRS may determine the maximum amount they will accept and forgive the remainder. This will release you from reliability as you meet the conditions of the agreement.

Installment Agreement (IA) The Installment Agreement method will allow you to pay off your balance over a finite time period usually six to ten years. Depending on the amount you owe to the IRS, we will determine the amount of each monthly payment based on your personal asset, property, financial information, and negotiate with the IRS to the payment. The agreement can be in many forms to be able to accommodate various financial obligations and your needs so that both you and the IRS are satisfied.

Stair Step Agreement (SSA) This Installment Agreement will allow you to finish payment on a large expense, such as car loans. The plan will schedule divided payments where larger expenses get the focus and small installments will be collected on unpaid tax balance. You would then switch the entire payment to back taxes over the following 48-60 months.

Streamline Installment Agreement: The Streamline Installment Agreement has some strict guidelines that determine your eligibility. However, the added benefits make this program worthwhile. This agreement is ideal for those with substantial assets or disposable income as long as the actual tax balance owed is less than or equal to $50,000.